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They are supplied by controlled producers adhering to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
The writing parts of Cesare Emiliano pens are of high quality and spare parts can be found all over the world. Ballpoint pens have pressurized refills that write at any angle, on glossy surfaces, in extreme cold or heat and even under water.
Each component is designed individually and undergoes several processing stages. Its thickness, size and shape vary with the different models.

Sterling silver, with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925, is the main metal used for the company line of products. In the pens it is a complement to other precious materials, such as gold, lacquer or resin, or natural materials, such as buffalo horn, briar wood and crocodile, lizard, python and fish skins.

None of the skins and leathers used for products marked Cesare Emiliano are from animals threatened with extinction, nor have they been treated with whale oil or other prohibited substances.

The hand finishing of each pen then makes it impossible to have two identical pieces: each fountain pen is a unique object, representing the high quality of Italian craftsmanship.
Logo Cesare Emiliano
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